This Supermarket Is A Startup Incubator At The Same Time

The world’s first startup supermarket provides space to young entrepreneurs and helps them test the potential of their innovative products.

KaDeTe – a reference to the famous KaDeWe and alternation of Kaufhause des Testen (Store for Testing) is exactly what it says: a place to test new products of startups. The supermarket has space for 150 young companies, which be offered access to market research in ‘real circumstances’ and a first place to sell their product. Starting last month, customers can buy new innovative products at KaDeTe, test them and participate in market research.

Retail and trade companies will gain sale statistics and market research, which gives them a better view for their selection of products they can sell in their stores. Founders Franziska Schetter and Ola Klöckner partnered with a large network of businesses, such as the Berlin Institute for Innovation (BiFi) and Wilmersdorfer Arcaden shopping mall for their location. The current startups include mint liquor drink Pfeffi, natural cosmetics brand Naturschatz, and sugarfree fruitgum producer Zveetz.