The Inkjet City

Recently we wrote about Contrail. This project even goes beyond that! Some guys have invented an amazing city printer called the Chalkbot. The Chalkbot is a fully automatic robot that is able to print the streets as if it’s a piece of A4 paper slightly slipping through your inkjet printer. Besides the fact that the printer is a real friends project, Nike has adopted it and will use it during the Tour de France, when it’s normal to chalk on streets.

“100.000 messages of hope, courage and action will be printed on the roads of the Tour de France with Chalkbot. It’s a campaign for Nike who have been supporting the Lance Armstrong Foundation since 2004. If you have footage of the markings on the road feel free to share them in the comments.”

It’s a good job! The printer looks to work really well and the yellow text colour corresponds well with the shirt Lance Armstrong usually wears. The best thing though is that I’ve got something to look forward now during those long and boring live reports of the Tour de France. Chalkbot has also a Twitter account to share chalking suggestions.

—Source: Fresh Creation