Micro Parking Brings Order to the Mobility Chaos

Micro Parking

Shared mobility services such as scooters and bikes are like invasive species for public spaces. Since micro mobility is here to stay, cities are coming up with solutions to better integrate the latest transport modes.

New transport modes, especially electric scooters, have become popular options in many cities around the world. So popular that one can run into or trip over these scooters cluttered all over sidewalks, streets and green spaces. The lack of regulation for parking measures has created chaos for many cities.

Scooter and bike mess in Austin, Texas

Even though electric scooter and bike platforms have geo-boundaries for where to drop off these modes, most cities are still lacking specific drop off areas in the streets. Local governments of Austin and Bogota have now made efforts to bring back order to public spaces. Rules and regulations that require micro-mobility platforms to have employees removing and organizing scooters and bikes are complemented by the creation of designated (micro) parking spaces.

Micro parking in Bogota, Colombia

Sharing economies are not only changing the notion of ownership but also the way public spaces such as sidewalks and parks are designed and used. Offering designated parking is needed to solidify those sharing services as a viable mode of transportation in urban areas. In the future, mobility platforms and local governments will need to work together to provide citizens alternative transportation options.