The Future Of Postal Administration

Innovation is slowly taking the old-fashioned postal services to a next level. Companies like Zumbox come up with new ideas for distributing mail, breaking the borders between paper and digital. Zumbox delivers paperless mail online, from street address to street address. What used to only be sent as paper mail can now be sent without the paper. The people behind the idea created a nationwide paperless postal system with a Zumbox for every street address in the United States.

How does it work?

  1. US citizens type in their street address on the homepage to view their mail.
  2. They get an overview of their paper mail shown as digital envelopes.
  3. Clicking an envelope shows the mail “exactly as you would expect to see it on paper”.

Sending mail to any street address in the United States is also possible. From now people can send electronic messages to their neighbours without having their email addresses. Check it out!