The Friendship Game

Design students Christian Baur and Thimon Machatzke came up with a creative idea for a smartphone app that gamifies friendship.

The idea is simple: keep your friends in close proximity and complete a number of tasks during a set amount of time. You lose if you go further away than two meters.

“But we all know that problem — you go out with your friends and somebody always leaves the party too early. This mobile game keeps you together and makes the party even better. You can do what you want, but don’t go further away than two meters — otherwise you’ll lose the game. You and your friends got some challenges to handle, like dancing, standing still and many more wherever you are.”

I think this will lead to some hilarous toilet situations. Nevertheless, if you manage to keep your Circle of Friends together for at least four hours in the tightest of spaces, your next party night will be paid for by the sponsor of the app, Baur and Machatzke explain. They think that Fisherman’s Friend would be the best brand to link to this app, since it’s “a brand with long tradition and has always been anchored to friendship”.