Take A Nap In The Sleepbox

Desperately in need of some sleep while waiting in a public area? But you don’t want to look like a homeless guy napping on a bench?

The designers of Arch Group totally understand the need for an affordable and comfortable place to sleep and came up with the Sleepbox, a modern and safe sleeping pod that provides necessary rest from fifteen minutes to several hours. The best thing is that the Sleepbox can be placed just about everywhere: at airports, train stations, shopping malls, expo centers, and even on streets!

The boxes are equipped with nearly similar features of an average hotel room, such as a ventilation system, sound alerts, LCD TV, WiFi, and sockets for charging phones and laptops. More simple types of the sleeping pods can be installed in hostels and offices. Some pods contains two bunk beds, which makes the experience less lonely than sleeping in, for instance, a capsule hotel in Tokyo. Click here to watch a video of the Sleepbox.