Swap Platform Jaspr Wants To Create Local Economies Without Money

Jaspr is the first online marketplace for urbanites to trade goods and services. The startup is on a mission to bring the talents of a neighborhood together and create a local exchange system that doesn’t run on money.

Jaspr launched their website in October 2017 and is active in the Netherlands and Germany. To get people started, the marketplace presents a list of suggestions of things to trade of which almost everyone can find something they know or have — plants, language courses, tips for tourists, house swaps, clothing, design services. An example of a successful trade was 50 minutes volunteering work in exchange for a jar of kimchi and a massage. In another situation, dog sitting was traded for a home-cooked meal.

The sharing economy has brought many changes to trade or share services and products to others. Jaspr provides a chance to include most people because the range of unneeded products and services they provide is diverse and speaks to most people. It provides a deeper look into the talents and tools that citizens have in one community.