Subway Platform Supermarket

South Koreans don’t like time-consuming activities and they are always on the run. So how can they make the most of the waiting time at train and metro stations? In the Netherlands we would get some coffee and read a free newspaper to kill time, but in South Korea they have the chance to get some groceries at a virtual supermarket! The various products are displayed on life-size posters with an QR code. To order them, one can simply scan the code with a smartphone, pay for them with only a touch and the groceries will be delivered at the desired address.

The railway platform supermarkt is an initiative of supermarket chain Tesco and their goal is to become South Korea’s most popular and biggest store without building any new stores. And it’s only a matter of time for these virtual supermarkets to become a worldwide succes. Eventually, why would we even bother to go to crowded supermarkets on Saturdays with screaming children, clumsy shopping carts and plastic bags, and no place to park? The video below explains how it all works.