Strut Turns Exploring The World Into A Game

Travelling is for many people deemed a chore and taking a different, longer route home is pretty much unthinkable in our modern efficiency-based lifestyle. iPhone app Strut gamifies your travel and transforms that unconvenient alternative route into an exciting and challenging adventure.


We often write about different ways to explore our planet, some of them physical and some of them digital. Strut by Thickpolicy is one that belongs in the latter category. The premise is simple: Strut shows a world map that is entirely covered with tiles. When you move over a tile, it disappears. Like this, you slowly but steadily uncover the world map. All it takes is a quick registration by Facebook or mail, tap the Strut button and the fun can begin.


After using the app for a couple of weeks, a map of your life starts to reveal itself. All of sudden, you get a visualization of your daily routine, which encourages taking a different route twice or three times a week. The current Top Strutter has opened up 137,519 tiles (how?!). If you want to be part of opening the world one tile at a time, download the app from the App Store (no Android version as of yet).