Startup Launches Neighbourhood Fitting Rooms for Online Shoppers

Fitting Room Club

The Fitting Room Club presents itself as a new way of doing online shopping. It values the offline experience, social interaction, service and locality, and it's driven by sustainability goals.

The platform aims at shifting the perception of online shopping by making it a physical and social experience in every neighbourhood. How does it work exactly? You order from any website and set delivery to a Fitting Room Club store. When ready, your items will be waiting in their fitting room to try on. If you don’t like the clothes, they’ll return them for you with no hassle.

The Fitting Room Club makes delivery and returns more efficient for you. However, the Fitting Room Club also warns you to shop wisely. While helping you to try clothes on before buying them and taking care of the returning when needed, the platform claims that home delivery is necessarily not sustainable. By visiting one of the Fitting Room Club stores near your home to try your online purchase, you could save the delivery truck a couple of blocks extra as they work as “delivery hubs”.

The launch of first stores is planned for 2020 in New York, San Francisco and Amsterdam, so let’s keep our eyes open for their opening. The Fitting Room Club’s ultimate aim is to be just around the corner and to be “Like the post office, designed for you, not the mail.”