Smile, You’re In Traffic Jam

Feeling bored during his daily one-hour commutes to his web design day job, Diego Gimenez decided to turn his photographic aspirations into practice. The result is an interesting and atmospheric series of voyeuristic glimpses entitled ‘Highway Portraits’. The collection of 122 photos carefully documents other drivers in traffic jams. As you browse through ‘Highway Portraits’, you’ll find out that Gimenez managed to capture other drivers during very private moments.

“I have 1 hour of travel to work, and I always love to capture moments without altering them. (…) I like people in their cars, going to work, I like how each car is the perfect reflection of the driver, like dogs and their owners. I like it because are very private photos in a public space, they are in their own world, I could almost see their thoughts or their conversations.”

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