The Sustainable City of Tomorrow

Companies like smart are seeking an active role in shaping the cities of the future. Now, following the brand's launch of its new electric models, smart magazine presents a comprehensive multimedia story demonstrating that tomorrow’s sustainable city is already tangible, no longer a science-fiction daydream.

As a car brand, smart has been actively reshaping urban mobility ever since their first revolutionary compact model was introduced in 1998. Their cars offer sustainable solutions to mobility in a compact package suitable for dense urban areas, while at the same time creating a sense of comfort and flexibility. Even in a country known for its massively sized automobiles like the US, the tiny car has attracted a lot of attention. In October of this year, smart revealed their new smart electric drive range at Mondial de l’Automobile 2016 in Paris, becoming the first car brand to offer an all electric version of every model in the line-up.

Smart Advertorial
Smart Advertorial

Following smart’s unveiling of their new smart electric drive range, smart magazine created an immersive storytelling feature. “Tomorrow’s sustainable city” is a comprehensive multimedia story, demonstrating that tomorrow’s sustainable city is already tangible. Packed with multimedia content, the story invites you to cruise through a future metropolis in the new, fully electric smart fortwo electric drive. Exploring the dense interactive map, highlighted hotspots feature ground-breaking urban projects and visions, championing sustainable use of resources. smart includes projects focusing on urban farming practices, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, green building practices, and much more!

Through a string of films, seven experts share their insights on sustainable urban living. These involve futurologists, architects and other creative thinkers. All projects and opinions presented focus on environmentally friendly, efficient, and intelligent solutions. These features result in a bright, colourful, exploratory space for users to envision the possibilities of the future of city living and the role smart can play in this scenario.

Smart Advertorial

smart magazine is the international online brand magazine of smart. In line with the magazine’s claim, “solutions for today’s urban challenges” the platform uses editorial storytelling to highlight people, products and ideas that improve life in the city. The magazine’s emphasis on “Space,” “Time,” “Mobility” and “Design” results in a fascinating, pulsating blend and exchange between architecture, design, culture, technology, mobility, and urban planning.

The multimedia story proves that the ideas for a sustainable city already exist; many of them already being in place. Are you up for the challenge of being a smart citizen and making the sustainable city happen? Get inspired and check out the multimedia story on smart magazine!