Shop Till You Drop… 300 Feet

This past summer, 37.5 Technology opened up a pop-up store that might qualify as the most thrilling shopping experience possible. Luckily, their shoppers are everything but the faint hearted.

The Cliffside Shop, open for two days, brought climbers the gear they needed where and when they needed it most. Hanging from the side of the Bastille Wall in Eldorado Canyon, the store supplied local climbers from the Colorado area with an extra layer of clothing just before reaching the summit of the climb. Taking the pop-up store out of its urban context, the Cliffside Shop offered an unmatched experience to those with the nerves (and skills!) to pay a visit.

Supplying their technical fabrics to a range of sportswear brands, 37.5 Technology keeps athletes from various disciplines performing under changing circumstances and exertion levels. The producer’s main focus is regulating people’s body temperature at 37.5 degrees Celsius, the optimum core temperature. As the weather conditions are prone to rapid change in these mountain areas and temperatures inevitably drop when ascending, an extra shirt or jacket is more than welcomed by climbers making their way up the Bastille wall.

Shopkeeper Dave Bywater, who manned the 6-by-10-foot store from sunrise to sunset on both days, did great business while he did not accept any payments. The 11-year climbing ranger in Grand Teton National Park warm-heartedly handed the climbing shoppers stopping by his store Adidas, Rab and Point6 gear (in all of which 37.5 Technology was used) for free.

Besides from being an enormous marketing success for the brand, the Cliffside Store did great business for local climbers. For every ‘purchase’ made in the store, the brand donated money to the local action committee concerned with the maintenance of climbing routes in the area. In the spirit of the adventurers who use their gear, 37.5 Technology thinks about taking the Cliffside Store to other far-flung locations in the world. So, if the store pops up on a sheer cliff-side near you: no wallet needed, go out and earn your gear.