Sexy Temporariness

At this blog we generally aim to tickle you with new developments, designs and practices that are directly or indirectly related to the concept of the pop-up city. However, sometimes it’s worth it to write about a project which is more than four years old. This is one of those examples: a temporary bar/restaurant in Rotterdam’s Katendrecht district, designed by DUS Architecten.

We fell in love with this 2004 project because of the great atmosphere the design brings. (I want to be there, now!) On the other hand, it’s a beautiful example of how sustainable and low-cost beautiful interior design can be.

The temporary bar slash restaurant was located in a former canteen. The long bar, which you can see in the picture, was totally made of recycled worktops, probably collected in the building areas of the neighbourhood. Not only the interior was exciting, also the graphic design of the placemats and drip mats was delicious. Drip mats were meant to write ideas on.

Temporariness is something that serves the flexible city very well. A project like this can on its own contribute to positive developments of an entire city district. One of the important things in here is not directly to make it nice for just everyone (you will never succeed), but rather to attract cultural innovators. Get those people into the neighbourhood and all the rest follows.