‘Renovated Billboards’ Make Façades Look Prettier

Germany's biggest DIY chain OBI pushes advertisements for DIY stores beyond showing paint, saws or hammers. On different run down houses, the brand has renovated an area the size of a billboard in order to show what its products are capable of.

OBI’s advertising agency Jung von Matt wondered why DIY stores advertise products that are supposed to make our homes look nicer, using badly designed billboard ads that make buildings and sometimes entire streets look uglier. With this urban intervention-flavored campaign, the DIY brand wants to introduce a new form of advertising called ‘Renovated Billboards’.

For the Renovated Billboard series only products were used that are sold in OBI stores, in order to show passers-by what they can achieve with the products. The campaign isn’t as meaningful as AkzoNobel’s Couleurs Carolo project, but still pretty constructive from an urban design point-of-view.