READYKEA: A Modular Exhibition System Made From IKEA Products

READYKEA is a modular system for a mobile exhibition created by architect Antonio Scarponi. For the DADA New York II: Revolution to Smash Global Capitalism exhibition by Adrian Notz and Philip Meier at DADA House, Scarponi used only two IKEA pieces (Trofast and Antonius) to create the entire exhibition concept. READYKEA is a modular system that essentially consists in the functional subversion of these two IKEA products.

The ‘guerrilla exhibition’ had to be cheap, easy to store, easy to replicate elsewhere, easy to ship, easy to carry around and easy to dismantle. The exhibition is conceived as a shop, as a compound and as a workshop in progress. The brief requested three exhibition units containing the sections of the show (documentation, vision, action), a reception desk, a workshop desk, a bed to host a ‘revolutionary in residence’, eight stools and a corner for media content productions such as blogs and social media actions.

The concept to only use pre-manufactured IKEA stuff comes from the idea to make it possible for anyone in the world to replicate the whole exhibition. IKEA is widespread and their stuff is thus available almost everywhere and in the world. Which makes it possible for any one to re-build this exhibtion while using the manual that Scarponi has made. The exhibition runs until 19 February and features artists like The Yes Men, Reverend Billy, Voina Group, Irwin, Königreiche von Elgaland-Vargaland, Mc Ghillie, !Mediengruppe Bitnik, UBERMORGEN and Roland Wagner.

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