Print On The Go With Breezy

Printing from smartphones is on the rise. But what to do when you want to print something, but cannot find a printer nearby? There’s an app for that! Breaking open the mobile printing market, Breezy is a new iPhone app and a GPS printing tool that can seek out nearby partnered printers and send out a print request. People in desperate need of a print job can choose one of its numerous partners, mostly small businesses, that have installed Breezy’s printer-sharing software.

Breezy comes with three plans: light (free), medium and heavy. The free plan includes prints that are water-marked. Breezy’s printer-sharing partners can decide whether they want to ask a (small) fee for print jobs or not. In fact (and that’s the most interesting part of the idea), the service allows everyone to start a small copy shop. If mobile printing for the masses continues to grow in a way like this, it could easily lead to a decline of the copy shop as we know it. What do you think?

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