Pop It Like It’s Hot!

Hello everyone, it’s time for an update! When we posted our last update the Pop-Up City book campaign had just reached the 25% mark, and look where we are now! We really couldn’t have dreamed that we would be at 80% after such a short period of time. It makes us intensely happy to see that so many people are helping us to convince our publisher to bring the book into print. On behalf of all the editors, we’d like to extend a very sincere THANK YOU! You keep us going!

In the first days of the campaign we were surprised to find out that the Pop-Up City book has been selected as an official Staff Pick by Kickstarter. How flattering is that! The project’s video, recorded and edited by pop-up citizen Stijn, has been watched almost 2,000 times. Last week we’ve spent our time working on the content of the book as well as promoting it both online and offline. If you live in Amsterdam or Brussels, you may run into these little bookmarks:

Pop-Up City bookmark

New Rewards

We’ve chosen to introduce a few new rewards for backers.

  • A Pop-Up City Book Friend Pack was added as a new option. The Friend Pack allows backers to pre-order two copies of the book (one for you, one for a friend) for $60 plus the shipping costs of one.
  • Then, we found out that the Retail/Business Pack of ten books was not so popular, so we changed the amount of books to five.

In case you’re like “Hey, I want that Friend Pack”, it’s good to know that it’s possible for current backers to pick another reward.

Thank you again for your generous support! We’re enormously grateful. We’ve made it to the 80% mark in an amazingly short period of time, but we have another 20% to go! Please spread the word to everyone out there and help us turn Pop-Up City into an inspiring book!

Have a great weekend!

Joop and Jeroen