Parasite Cabin On The Side Of A Hotel

Where to find new space for building in the over-occupied centers of world leading cities? Artist Mark Reigelman has designed a great neo-romantic parasite shelter that’s attached to the side of the Hotel des Arts in San Francisco. The project ‘Manifest Destiny!’ is a temporary rustic cabin that occupies one of the last remaining unclaimed spaces of downtown San Francisco — above and between other properties. The idea of the project is to explore those spaces that are still available in the city’s vertical territory.

The temporary installation looks like a huge bird cabin floating above Restaurant Le Central, but is big enough to host a person. The interior is pretty classic and includes even a wood burning stove. If it is really possible to life here or if the room is used as an expansion of Hotel des Arts is not that clear. Nevertheless, it would be great to spend a night hanging on the wall of the hotel. The installation will remain in place and will be slowly transformed through October, 2012.

REBEL:ART’s article on Reigelman’s parasite hotel already reminds us of some great examples of parasite architecture, like Convertible City’s Backpack House and Parasite Las Palmas by Korteknie Suhlmacher in Rotterdam. More great pieces of parasite urban development can be found in Gestalten’s Spacecraft book series.