Pandora Boxes In The City

Berlin is a great place for street art as we’ve reported before. The German artist Sweza, however, takes graffiti to a new level.

About the Audio Box project, Sweza writes: “In the year 2009, this little carillon got installed at the Admirasbruecke in Berlin Kreuzberg, unfortunately the audio box got stolen after three days.” This short factual description tells so much about Sweza’s artistic approach.

His urban interventions in public spaces are secret and small-scaled but they invite you to question urban signs, to interact with the urban environment and to unfold your own stories. Often, they are politically engaged like this Grazie Bush series. The Audio Box and the Lichtraum (see the video below) work as pandora boxes that people can decide to open or to leave behind.

At the office, these boxes awakened childhood memories. Does the Lichtraum remind you of anything like the view master?