New In The Cycle Style Shop

Cycling seems to become a lifestyle and design expression more than a means of transportation in diverse metropolitan centers around the world. Not only the bikes themselves become fashion items, but also bike repairing stuff changes from simple ‘dirty hands tools’ into highly designed fashionable products. Design blog Mocoloco shows a range of sustainable BikeCare products that the Toronto-based firm Orontas is about to launch this Spring. Derived from 100% sustainable sources, these high performance biodegradable products are designed to protect from rust, eliminate noise and friction.

Of course, this range of sustainable product suits the ideological background of the urban cycling movement. The market for these kind of products is not only online but also in the upcoming design cyclist stores. In cities like New York, Amsterdam, London, Copenhagen and Paris, these kinds of shops pop-up like mushrooms. Sometimes even combined with a coffee bar.

“BikeCare Lubricant is a high-performance chain oil for normal-to-wet conditions made from 100% sustainable sources designed to protect from rust, eliminate noise, and friction causing wear for a smoother, faster ride on trails and roads. BikeCare Lubricant is non-toxic, biodegradable and petroleum free. (…) BikeCare Cleaner is designed to get you back out on your bike quickly and safely – without wasteful aerosols, harmful chemicals, high-volume soapy fluids or complicated chain-washing-machine-things. Simply spray and wipe BikeCare Cleaner to remove grime, dirt and oil from the chain. Highly efficient; there are 1000+ sprays in each bottle — over a year supply if you clean your chain weekly. BikeCare Cleaner is non-toxic, biodegradable and petroleum free. (…) The Waterproof Grease is a synthetic biodegradable and non-toxic all-purpose bearing grease with anti-corrosive and extreme pressure additives made from plant-based material. And, to top it off, the Lubricant, Cleaner and Grease are ‘made with the wind’ just outside of Toronto at a Health Canada inspected food-grade facility that uses 100% wind power.”