Never Miss Your Package Delivery Again With eNeighbr

Everyone must be familiar with the problem: you order something online and it will be conveniently delivered to your doorstep, but it always shows up when you are not home. Or your doorbell is broken. If you are lucky, your neighbor was home and will have the package waiting for you. But what if you don’t?

New York-based start-up eNeighbr tries to end the annoyance of missed packages by allowing you to find a trusted neighbor or local business that’s willing to accept a delivery on your behalf. Missing or stolen packages are frequent in cities like New York City. Launched last fall in Manhattan and Brooklyn, the platform connects online shoppers with trusted hosts ready to accept deliveries.


Who are these ‘eNeighbors’ and what is in it for them? In every community there’s a diverse range of people with schedules that are different. People in the community that are available during the day can receive deliveries at times others are at work. Stay-at-home parents, retirees, freelancers, and storefront businesses could all be so-called ‘eNeighbors’, who will earn $3.50 per delivery from the $3.99 it’ll cost the shopper. Staying at home pays off. Certainly a new chapter within the fast developing entrepreneurial spirit of the sharing economy.


This app will be welcomed by many that have had problems with their deliveries and work long hours, but at the same time it raises a question on community relationships. What happened to helping a neighbor out, for free? But for those who don’t have the luxury being surrounded by friendly neighborliness, or heavy shoppers who don’t want to ask favors from their neighbors a few times a week, this app will be very helpful. What do you think?