MOSS: A Flexible Office Concept For Backyards

Working from places other than the good ol’ office building has taken a big leap over the last decades. New York-based designer Victor Vetterlein came up with these conceptual backyard office units that allow people to work from home.

Technological innovations have changed the way people work, live together and deal with time and space. Many types of labor have become flexible and independent from place, which resulted in increasing numbers of people that work from home or third places. Vetterlein’s flexible MOSS concept, which stands for ‘Micro Office Systems Space’, is a “self-contained auxiliary office unit” that can be leased or bought by companies to be set up in backyards of employees who want to work from home.

MOSS by Victor Vetterlein

The prefabricated micro offices offer employees a direct visual, audio, and data link to the main office and also a professional environment to hold small business meetings. “The user of MOSS feels a good separation from home and work life while not having to commute to the office.” The 4-meter long basic units don’t include running water or a toilet, but these functions can be added if desired. Electricity is generated by solar panels on the roof, while energy-efficient underfloor heating and a wood stove provide warmth.