Miniature Kiosks Pop Up In German Cities

“It’s the little things in life that make us happy.” That’s the slogan behind Coca-Cola’s recently launched campaign to promote Coca-Cola Mini. The love for the little things in life was playfully translated into a series of mini kiosks with tiny vending machines inside of them, that were installed on the streets of five major cities in Germany.

The campaign, rolled out by the Berlin branch of advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather, turned out to work pretty well. The miniature Coca-Cola kiosks, that also sold a variety of pint-sized goods like newspapers, candy bars, and snacks, made many passersby stop to check the remarkable intervention. This resulted in an average of 380 mini Coke cans per day that were sold from the vending machine — 278% more than a typical Coca-Cola vending machine, according to the ad men.

Coca-Cola mini kiosk

We are a big fan of kiosks here at Pop-Up City. Not only do they function as the eyes and the ears of the street — they also offer that additional level of service that makes a street more vibrant and lively. For Coca-Cola this is not their first campaign in which they use lovable urban phenomena to promote their drinks. Earlier we reported about Coca Cola branded pop-up park and pop-up dining room.