Make Your Name Stick With Laptop Marketing

The majority of freelancers pound out hours behind their laptops with a mug of coffee at hand. This has seen coffee shops growing into safe-havens for unimaginable numbers of caffeine-craving, sector-specialists. With the majority of random cafe chit chat beginning and ending at pleasantries exchanged with a barista, often we have no idea what sort of brilliant person we are having a cuppa beside.

Coffee Shop Freelancers have claimed for their own, a glaringly-obvious means of allowing these people to communicate their brilliance: stick a sticker on the back of your laptop. Placing your details on the most visible part of a laptop instantly creates a platform allowing one and all to promote their skills to a hyper-localised audience; no need to waste time setting up appointments via email or phone, just identify your specialist, sit down with them and get the ball rolling immediately. Over a cup of coffee, of course.

Coffee Shop Freelancers

When they launch in February, Coffee Shop Freelancers will be providing various decals (fancy stickers) for the backs of various freelancers’ laptops, including designers, photographers and developers, with the aim of encompassing as many professions as possible in the future. The designs are tasteful, fun and honestly unobtrusive-perfect coffee shop browsing for the average patron, promising to the potential client and avoids giving anyone trying to unwind the headache that comes along with blatant advertisements.

Coffee Shop Freelancers

Although there has been no set launch date or price, the stickers are rumoured to retail at around 30USD each, with further whispers suggesting that there will be a wider range of inbound marketing innovation being made available via ebooks, podcasts and informative blogging.