Lingerie On Wheels Travels Around The States

We all know the food trucks, but how about shopping trucks? The Try-on-Truck is a store on wheels that enables women to shop lingerie right on the sidewalk.

Created by SAW and MOA, the Try-on Truck is a mobile fitting room that travels around the States. The store is an idea of True&Co, an online lingerie retailer known for its personal assistance and customization of products for an ideal fitting for customers.

Try-on Truck

The online retailer started the mobile fitting room because it wanted to offer a direct experience with its products for customers. Customers can shop and try on lingerie, but also book a personal appointment when the truck hits their town. Every week new locations are revealed on the website.

The store is installed on top of a trailer that used to carry a tiny house. Both SAW and MOA collaborated on a study of mobile tiny houses in the past. This store was a quite a design challenge, as the place needs to attract a large crowd while offering enough privacy for customers to try on the products. Flexible window elements fold according to the need of light or privacy in different situations.

Try-on Truck

As we slowly rely on the ease of online shopping, new shopping experiences still increasingly appear in the retail scene of today. This time, online and offline come together in the Try-on Truck, as well as intimacy and publicity. Mobility is a trend that continues to grow in our cities, and mobile shopping trucks might be the next big thing in mobile architecture.