Light Changes Wallpaper Patterns In East London Bar

Wouldn’t it be great to instantly change the wallpaper in your apartment depending on your mood?

Well, that becomes possible with a new technique that the Milanese collective Carnovsky recently used when the designers created the interior of the East London bar and gallery Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes. They have plastered the walls of the whole place with a unique wallpaper that changes pattern under different lighting conditions.

Using RGB colors different patterns are revealed under colored lighting. With red light one see birds on the wall, while only jungle is shown with green light. All patterns used are unique and different. “Carnovsky skillfully designed surfaces which were able to mutate and interact with different ‘chromatic stimulus.’ As part of their technique, three overlapping and different images were created, each one in a primary color. Then, through a colored filter, it became possible to see individual layers based on composition,” is stated on PSFK.

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