Let’s Meet And Work: A Curated Directory Of Places For The Mobile Class

Let’s Meet and Work started as an online collection of decent public places to grab a seat and do a bit of work in the city of London.

Mapping not only coffee bars and bagel shops but also workplaces such as libraries and universities, Let’s Meet and Work hopes to encourage the collaborative use of spaces across the city. The website provides informative reviews of the best spots to constructively work, meet and enjoy a good meal. The website just launched in New York City, and Alasdair Monk, its founder, has announced more cities to follow soon. And perhaps a smartphone app…? Monk needs your help to improve his list of workplaces, so if you have any recommendations, let him know.

Working outside the office is hot. And the trend has expanded from working at home, which was a nineties invention, to working in a bar which was a late ’00 hype, to working at dedicated places. We witness the rise of the WAT relation, ‘Working Apart Together’, with the social benefits of the office, but without its suffocating organizational structure and likewise atmosphere. Let’s Meet and Work maps a new urban typology and generates nice information about the locations people like to co-work.

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