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Kevin Cyr Transforms Shopping Cart Into A Tiny House

We’ve been talking a lot about tiny homes lately, but artist Kevin Cyr takes the concept to the extreme. For his latest crowd-funded project, Cyr found a ubiquitous shopping cart and inserted his pop-up camper design to create the Camper Kart. Don’t be fooled by the compact exterior — Cyr has managed to pack storage, table and seating space, as well as lighting inside the space of a shopping cart.

Inspired by post-apocalyptic novel The Road, Cyr has had a long-time interest in creating self-reliant mobile homes with a bare minimum of resources. Needless to say, he will be well prepared for post-apocalyptic shelter if the need ever arises.

More importantly, his design has relevant implications for contemporary society where housing costs, homelessness, and reducing resource consumption are pressing issues. If you are intrigued by the Camper Kart, you can check out more tiny mobile homes here, here, and here.

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