Jules Basement: A Bar You’ll Probably Never See The Inside Of

During the early twenties and thirties, the ‘speakeasy’ started to pop-up throughout the United States, illegaly selling alcoholic beverages as a result of the Prohibition. Although alcohol is now very much legal, the speakeasy concept happens not to be dead just yet with the opening of Jules Basement, a new exclusive bar in Mexico City.

Mexico City’s first underground bar, created by Alfredo Luengas, David Hernandez, Gerardo Salgado and designed by designer Emmanuel Picault and architect Ludwig Godefroy is a speakeasy by definition. The door is one of a walk-in fridge showing no sign of something important being behind it and the area it is in hands not one single clue about the bar’s existence. But although the concept is very old-fashioned, its interior isn’t.

Jules Basement, Mexico CityJules Basement, Mexico City

Tables looking like display cases with giant white human skulls in them are perhaps the most staggering thing you would notice when first entering the bar, but the ceiling that looks like the wall of a mine with rough diamonds sticking out of it and the almost unnerving black-and-white colour scheme are not quite conventional as well.

Jules Basement, Mexico CityJules Basement, Mexico City

Of course, you won’t get to see all of this unless you are on the very exclusive guest list. If you do get in though, you get to enjoy very exclusive cocktails and enjoy your booze without the looming prospect of the cops smashing through the front door.