iPhone App Wanderous Adds A New Twist To Psychogeography

Launched two weeks ago, Wanderous is a new navigation application for the iPhone that creates routes optimized for adventure.

Routes in Wanderous start and end where the user specifies, but here’s an important twist that sets the service apart from other psychogeography-focused applications: during the journey the routes intentionally wander to one or more interesting, unique, or notable spots chosen by the user. These spots can include parks, landmarks, historical sites, busy city corridors, scenic vistas, and public attractions. It’s still about the journey, not the destination.

The visit-worthy spots used in Wanderous have been created in-house with a custom algorithm and are 100% unique. Wanderous uses millions of geotags from public photo sharing and social sites to automatically determine which places are worth visiting. The iPhone app is free for a limited time. Click here to download it in the App Store, but please note that the app’s only able to aggregate content for the States so far. “World-wide coverage is my next priority”, explains founder Adam Wolf, so stay tuned.