Instaprint Prints Instagram Snaps Directly On The Spot

Instagram and many other mobile imaging applications have brought back the nostalgia of the aesthetics of retro photography to our smartphones over the last couple of years. However, as the digital image has become more immediate and networked, we could say that ‘print never went out of style’. New modes of printing — of what is usually refered to as ‘the Polaroid snapshot’ — could not have stayed out.

The self proclaimed ‘custom tailors of the techworld’ of New York-based Breakfast now have created Instaprint, a location-based photo booth that allows you to print your snapshots directly on the spot. Each Instaprint box has got a small Linux computer on board that’s connected to the cloud servers via your local Wi-Fi spot. Any owner of an Instaprint is able to configure what Instagram snapshots they want to print with what specific filter (hashtag, account, keyword). Just like the old days of the Polaroid, the Instaprint uses an inkless color technology where all color is pulled from the paper itself. Also for more high volume printing, multiple boxes can be easily chained together. As Instaprint is always online, photos can be printed instantaneously.

Breakfast earlier released proto-types that could be rented for use at various events, with none of the least the concerts of Lady Gaga in Madison Square Garden and the Grammy’s. Now the company aims at a consumer version and is raising funds on Kickstarter. If the money is raised successfully, the Instaprint will be shipped in Fall 2012, starting with one box for $399.

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