Hammocks To The People!

You know the drill — you have some minutes to spare until your shift starts at work or that friend you are meeting is late again. You take out your phone and have a quick browse to see if there is any Wi-Fi you can avail of in the mean time.

In the Brazilian state Rio Grande do Sul, there was a project launched only last month that tries to point out that there are more relaxing options for spending free time other than surfing the Web.

At some public places, especially beaches, you will find a sign that says “Rede Disponível” meaning “Network Available”, but instead of a free Wi-Fi network, you’ll find a hammock waiting for you. This intervention created by Mark+ agency is part of a marketing strategy called ‘Feeding Friends’ by the Zeze biscuit brand that aims to make people actually do things with their daily lives instead of being online all the time. This intervention is a valuable reminder to all of us — spend less time checking your phone and more time lying in a hammock!