Sticker Set Lets People Share Items in Their Community

Need something? Let's share! is a communal sticker for item sharing in your neighborhood. Designed by a Brazilian agency, these stickers push the growing trend of shared services and a sense of community.

Co-using one’s spare items — often referred to as sharing economy — is a continuously growing trend that aims at promoting a more sustainable way of consumption whilst generating genuine connections amongst citizens. Re-inventing the idea of sharing, especially in a dense urban context, has grown more popular taking over realms from spaces, to tools, and beyond.

The Brazilian creative agency Shoot the Shit designed the collaborative sticker Eu Te Empresto meaning Let’s Share in Portuguese. The stickers and posters are to be pasted in public areas of buildings and condominiums indicating objects available for loan in the neighborhood. Below each item, residents write their names and what they are offering to lend. Posters with the same proposal are addressed to businesses in order to support the idea of sharing objects in the vicinity. Free access to the stickers and posters does not only democratize this service, but also facilitates a potential usage of the tools and makes for an inviting open project.

There are other item-sharing services with similar approaches to stimulate socially cohesive neighborhoods whilst attempting to produce less waste. The Swiss organization Pumpipumpe attempts to foster the idea of sharing through pinning stickers at mailboxes in neighborhoods, which can be attained for a price of €7 including shipping cost. The Dutch online platform Peerby encourages the lending of items in return for a daily fee that users are supposed to pay.

The sharing economy in urban areas has undoubtedly been proliferating. Property developers are starting to implement the trend of the sharing-economy during the design process.