Grocery Store Pops Up On Seoul Metro Train

In Seoul commuters can buy their daily groceries while traveling from work to home. A full-service grocery store has popped up in one of the metro trains in the South Korean capital. The metro grocery store is an interesting effort to make life more comfortable for those who have to spend too much time in public transport.

Seoul metro grocery store

Some years ago the Dutch design office NL Architects launched a plan to transform a train cabin in the Netherlands into an Albert Heijn grocery store. Unfortunately, their idea to make shopping mobile and offer commuters the option to buy their daily needs on the go has never been brought into reality as it has never been taken seriously by the conservative Dutch Railways.

Train wagon Albert Heijn

In Seoul things are different. And the transportation authorities are probably a little bit less conservative. A student traveling to the city shot this pictures of the grocery store, that even has a fresh meat section. The fact that Koreans are forward-thinking when it comes to combining traveling with shopping was already clear when the first QR supermarket was launched on the platforms of a metro station in Seoul. Nevertheless, this mobile grocery store really takes public transport to another level.