Green Surfing

The browser plugin by Get Green available for free at Inferknow helps the world reducing CO2 emission with each mouse click.

Installing this Firefox extension is very easy. After enabling the pluing, each mouseclick will raise money via Google Ads that will be used for clean energy projects. It works like this. 1. You: browse with the Green extension installed. 2. Get Green: uses ad revenue to fund clean energy projects like solar and wind. 3. Clean: energy reduces global warming and provides a brighter future.

“Green is a tiny piece of software with a giant goal: Harness the power of the Internet to fight global warming. When you install Green on your computer, it uses money from the usual ads you see on webpages to finance the development of clean energy sources like solar and wind, and to fund environmental efforts like reforestation. Earth-friendly projects like these reduce Greenhouse gases and help fight global warming.”