Free Classic: 'How To Build Your Own Living Structures' By Ken Isaacs

Check out this PDF version of the book ‘How To Build Your Own Living Structures’ by Ken Isaacs, published in 1974. This classic is about Isaacs’ Matrix Idea of building sustainable, eco-friendly, modular, flexible, multi-functional living structures which reconfigure the entire volume of a room, being bigger than furniture and smaller than architecture. The book explains how to make a variety of flexible experimental indoor interiors, storage units, and a flexible microhouse.

“The modular design of the microhouse is based on stacked tetrahedrons, which can be moved in and around each other providing shelter and dividing living space in a creative way. (…) Isaacs covers the philosophical meanings of surplus and uses the designs as a means of addressing life as whole; a simple place (…) that has a low impact on the surrounding natural environment.”