Forget SimCity, Try The Augmented City

Complex urban forms require complex modelling tools in order to represent them digitally. But this is just neat: over at the Barlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) at University College London, they’ve been playing around with ways to digitally represent our cities. CityEngine is a 3D content producer that allows architects, designers, and planners to digitally render the built environment in ways that would make SimCity 4 addicts swoon. But what better way to demonstrate the capabilities of such a powerful piece of software than through augmented reality?

Very cool. That’s the textbook for a master’s programme in advanced spatial analysis at UCL with a model of a BenQ projector at the edge of the book, digitally projecting the output from CityEngine. What we have here is basically a practical version of RoboCop meets SimCity, one that could help transform how we learn new technologies as well as how we create our cities.

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