Smartphone Game Turns The Streets Into A Laser-Tag Arena is set to deliver a real-life, global multiplayer first-person shooter; played in the physical world against real people. With over 12 million physical locations, the augmented reality smartphone game hopes to turn global cities into giant laser-tag arenas.

Blurring the line between virtual gameplay and reality, gamers worldwide will be divided into two opposing teams — Humans vs Evolved. Cities and towns alike will be divided into Areas of 50 square meters. The first team to visit an Area can claim it as their own — from then on, it’s war! Players must steal, kill and build if they want their faction to reign supreme.

Gamers are required to download the free app and purchase a small infra-red emitter called The Inceptor. Once clipped onto a smartphone, it is capable of firing and detecting shots within a 50m range. The mapping system is detailed enough to give institutions such as universities, banks, and hospitals specific in-game significance. Claim an Area with a bank to secure resources in a vault, a university to boost research or a hospital to improve heal times. If fighting the impending apocalypse gets dull, gamers can get together with friends to take part in free-for-all deathmatches (sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon in the park!). is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The initial funding target of $50,000 was achieved within the first 24 hours. Currently available in beta form, the full app and Inceptors are expected to go live in summer 2016.