Forget About Business Cards, This Is E

A friend of mine is working on the newest relevation in the world of social networking: E. E enables you to collect your accounts – on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and every other network of your choice – in one spot, and share them in real life by using any mobile phone or Connector. It allows you to make an online ‘business card’ for every occasion. This way, you’ll be able to share business info with business contacts, and private info with private contacts.

The people behind E aim to build a bridge between the online and the offline world. They created a little device – the Connector – that will allow you to exchange contact information through a single touch-based gesture. Hold two Connectors together and you’re connected. Connectors can be synchronised by using the built-in USB plug. Also great: as E allows you to update your business cards service-wide, people will always have your latest information. Check out the video below to learn more about E.