Floral Designer Turns Trash Bins Into Flower Vases

If you have ever been to New York City, you probably know that it’s a very chaotic, sometimes grey place to be. However, if you have been there lately and were lucky, a colorful and strange sight might have caught your attention in the streets.

Floral designer Lewis Miller and his team have been transforming seemingly random locations in the city into stunningly beautiful flower arrangements. They have mostly been popping up in trashcans, but also on statues in Central Park for example. Miller and his team create what they call Flower Flashes very early in the morning, and try to get it finished before the daily stream of commuters hits the streets.

What seems to be an anonymous, nearly Banksy-like art intervention, is Miller’s way of simply wanting to beautify the daily lives of millions of New Yorkers passing by his flowers. Catch sight of one of the huge bouquets of fresh flowers and you cannot help but smile and let it brighten up your day. The only way of saying “Lewis Miller and his crew were here” is the LMD x NYC spray tag which they leave behind.

As they never announce where their next Flower Flash will be, the project continues to be exciting and rewarding for the floral designer. The arrangements keep popping up on Instagram and other social media channels, people take selfies with the flowers and sometimes rearrange them during the day. Sometimes it’s that easy to bring small moments of pure joy into our fast-paced lives.