FlightCar Wants To Solve The Empty Car Problem

Most airports are surrounded by endless parking lots loaded with cars of travelers that are not being used. At the same time, many people who arrive at the airport immediately need some form of transport. So why not rent these temporarily empty cars to the people who need them?

FlightCar is a new initiative in the United States that allows you to make money whilst you are on holiday or away on a businesses trip. It is a well-known fact that airport parking is expensive, and that public transport to and from the airport can be a nightmare for families and those with heavy suitcases. However, FlightCar allows families and individuals the opportunity to avoid high costs and difficult journeys.


Those who wish to partake in the initiative, once signed up, drop their car at one of the FlightCar locations (FlightCar is currently active in Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco), and in return get a chauffeured lift to the airport, for free. Whilst they are away, their car is rented out to another traveler/visitor to the city, who is able to use their car until they return. In the process of this, the original car owner is able to earn up to 20 cents per mile driven, depending on the standard of their car.


FlightCar provides insurance up to $1 million, so if the car is damaged or stolen, responsibility does not fall on the owner. Furthermore, before their car is returned to them it is professionally washed and polished. If the car is not rented out whilst you are away, there is still no cost from having parked it there.