Eco-Friendly Eye Candy

Look what we’ve got here. Greenhouse, the first eco-friendly nightclub of the United States, recently opened its doors in New York City.

Antonio Di Oronzo of Bluarch Architecture designed a two-level 6,000 square foot club, lounge and event space entirely built from recycled or recyclable materials. Greenhouse is the first nightclub in the US to receive an official certification by the United States Green Buildings Council for its ecological character.

“The design concept was to convey the dynamic richness of nature as a living system”, the architect says. Di Oronzo built an experiential landscape of 2,500 computer-connected LED light points generating a nonrecursive pattern through a fractal algorithm. The ceiling is covered by an organic formation of 40-millimeter crystals that slightly vibrate with the music and respond to the green lasers and LEDs on the wall. Is this cool or what? More pictures here!