DripApp Lets You Buy Coffee With Your Phone

Nothing is more annoying than looking for change to pay your coffee to go when in a hurry. There’s a new app that allows you to grab a coffee without the need to carry a wallet.

Meet DripApp, an app that lets you by coffee without all the hassle of looking for change. It works really simple: by downloading the app, you’re allowed to buy prepaid coffee plans or an unlimited (alright!) subscriptions at partnering coffee bars. When ordering, select a coffee of your choice and let the barista type in a four letter code, directly deducting your prepaid balance.


There are various prepaid plans available. Buy an original plan for water based-drinks such as an Espresso, Americano or tea, or rather a fancy plan for all drinks, including a Cappuccino and Latte. Besides that, opt between a small plan (four or five drinks) or a large plan (ten or twelve drinks). For the real coffee-lovers among us, there’s even a monthly subscription for GBP 89,00 that allows you to get unlimited coffee. With its fixed prices per coffee, using DripApp is not only convenient — it also gives you extra discount on your daily coffee.

Currently, more than 120 independent coffee bars in London have already joined DripApp. Next to its convenient method for grabbing a coffee, DripApp also offers an overview of all participating coffee bars in one’s proximity. This feature helps users of DripApp to discover new hotspots, while it enables coffee bar owners to acquire new customers. In that respect, it’s an app that could turn out helpful for both sides. Coffee, anyone?