Donuts In A Car Wash

Eateries are constantly popping up in the most unlikely of places, the latest of which calls a car wash its home. Parked inside Westside Highway Car Wash, you will find Underwest Donut where Scott Levine, cake enthusiast, created a mini, pastry paradise after ditching his job as a sous chef.

Why a carwash? Well, it’s “quintessential Americana” of course! Aside from that, the location is fun, the experience is novel and if the pictures popping up on Instagram are anything to judge by, the grub itself is incredibly tasty.

Underwest Donuts

Coffee and donuts are a fairly bankable commodity and, without any doubt, it’s good to establish a business around sound assets. However, in the cut-throat world of NYC’s coffee spots, Underwest Donuts would do well to avoid dishwater coffee and pre-packaged snacks. But, of course, the donuts sold at Underwest Donuts are not your run of the mill gravy rings. With flavour combinations such as Coco Raspberry and Expresso Bean, you will see skills which Levine gained working in a gourmet ice-cream bar really coming into their own.

Underwest Donuts

Having taste-buds honed to identify inventive taste adventures will give Underwest Donuts an edge in the obscenely competitive cafe scene in New York. Unfortunately for all of us here at Pop-Up City, there is nearly 6,000 miles between us and them.