Detachable Floating Capsule Hotel

Wouldn’t it be great to independently float around in your own capsules on the blue water of a sea anywhere in the world? Ivan Filipovic has designed a completely flexible floating hotel. His ‘botel’ consists of 22 small cabins that can be disconnected from the central mother boat. The core comprises a lobby, restaurant, bar and reception, surrounded by a covered outdoor deck, which leads off to the cabins. According to PSFK there is also a roof deck with a terrace, swimming pool, green oasis and a nightclub with a dance floor.

“Each cabin would use solar energy to move and have networked GPS systems, allowing the user to enter a simple command in order to return to the main hotel.”

This idea is flexible from two perspectives. On the one hand, the entire hotel floats and can be moved to any place in the world, wherever circumstances are best. On the other hand, people can detach their cabin, which allows them float around themselves and get rid of nuisance from other hotel guests. I wonder though whether all single cabins have their own bathing facilities to avoid guests from having to sail back to the mother boat for every pie.

Although the analogy with the Japanese capsule hotels is obvious, Filipovic’s design was actually inspired by all small islands in the Adriatic Sea. Sleeping on a small island surrounded by blue sea and sunshine is perhaps one of the most dreamed dreams. This floating hotel is a good substitute for the international lack of tropical islands. Dutch artists Denis Oudendijk and Jan Korbes of VLNR initiated another floating capsule hotel made out of recycled life saving modules. We reported about this initiative back in 2008. Their Capsule Hotel aims to establish a piece of easily accessible ‘garbage architecture’. People can rent a floating capsule (suited for two persons) for a reasonable price of 35 euros per night. We don’t know yet how much Filipovic will charge for an overnight floating experience.

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