Darmstadt's Pop-Up Theater

The architects of Berlin agency Convertible City have designed a great theatre transformation project in the German town of Darmstadt. During the recontruction of the theatre the parking lot under the building was used as a provisory performing space. This way the architects managed to transform an outdated, car-friendly functional building into a flexible city-friendly theatre. A new structure was inserted into the space in front of the entrance of the parking space, right at the place where the opulent driveway spreads out in multiple lanes.

The spatial adjustment comfortably accommodates all of the organisational functions needed to run a theatre. At the place where cars once entered the building a studio theatre and a canteen popped up, as well as all of the storage rooms and access to the new two-storey high foyer in the main building above. Very interesting is the renewed atmosphere that is created by the temporary transformation. Both friendly and inspiring.