Dance The Night Away In The World’s Smallest Disco

“The more people, the merrier” is what you often think when you throw a party. Well, it’s actually the complete opposite for Teledisko, the world’s smallest disco.

Teledisko is an old phone booth transformed into a private club for you and your friends. The disco is coin-operated: once you’ve paid the entrance fee and you’ve made sure that your best friends are inside, the party is about to begin. Select your favorite songs on the touchscreen and start dancing the night away! Teledisko offers everything a regular club has — a smoke machine, stroboscope, light effects and… a disco ball.


Since this party is highly exclusive and only allows you and your friends to join, there’s one golden rule: what happens in Teledisko, stays in Teledisko. However, to make your visit to Teledisko a lasting memory, it offers readily available video and pictures of the unforgettable party you’ve just had.



The Teledisko fits seamlessly into the idea of an exclusive, pop-up experience for a small group of people. It also alters our ideas of partying, clubs and having fun. Currently, there are three Telediskos: two of them are found in Berlin, whereas a third one can be moved anywhere, even to your own party! Did you get excited? Why wait? Put on your red shoes and dance the blues. Let’s dance!