Cool Ideas

In the context of the Festival of Ideas for the New City, a gathering of independent cultural projects for Manhattan showing the potential of the creative community to imagine the ideas that will shape the future, Urban Omnibus is presenting a series of clever posters entitled ’50 Ideas for the New City’ a nice series of retro-style graphics that show simple but smart intuitions over the unknown potential of everyday urban elements.

“With this poster campaign, we want to turn the language of ubiquitous marketing — in which every bus, taxi or construction barrier is a canvas for advertising anything and everything — on its head by using a similar language to share examples of creativity and innovation in the urban realm. We want to spread these ideas to the whole city. And we want to hear your new ideas too. We hope, in some small way, we can help re-enchant the urban environment as a landscape of possibility, a realm of action and intention, and a place that represents — and deserves — a long and evolving history of creative ideas.”

The posters were designed by Civic Center, a New Orleans-based firm whose principals, James Reeves and Candy Chang, were part of the team that designed Other works by Chang were already featured on Pop-Up City, as an example of powerful mix between small elements of good design and services to the neighborhood, that this latest project keeps providing.