City Of Bubbles

Cloud Cities is an exhibition that ran until 15 January at Berlin’s Hamburger Bahnhof. The exhibition offered an unusual vision on architecture, ecology and the way we experience life in general. Cloud Cities consisted of giant bubbles and exotic plants suspended on a structure reassembling a giant spider web. According to the man behind the artwork, Tomás Saraceno, the exhibit wanted people to realize that the Earth is floating in galaxy.

The biggest plastic bubbles exhibited at the Hamburger Bahnhof allowed visitors to enter them or roll on top of them. Saraceno was inspired by spiders that create robust webs for their habitat. Being inside the bubble creates a sensation of peacefulness from the sound isolation by the plastic sphere all around. The microcosm brings the visitor back to its mother’s womb, while the other museum visitors are still visible on the other side of the plastic wall. Lying on top of the bubble feels like lying on a cloud. In addition, the suspended plants and threads add a more natural yet dreamy feeling to the artwork.

“We are flying at the very moment, the question is: are you aware of it?”